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New Branch in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire

17 May 2011

PE Generators now have a location situated on the well known logistical hub found in East Anglia/ East Midlands, Alconbury (Cambridgeshire).

New_ Premises_Alconbury

The move came after management decided that it was vital to acquire extra space in order to handle the increase in the businesses generator hires and generator sales. PE Generators new facility is located beside the A1/ A14 interchange, improving the access for PE Generator vehicles which transport equipment across the country. The move has also enabled the company to continue providing professional and friendly customer service whilst improving logistical efficiency. PE Generators new 3 acre facility in Alconbury is the 5th location in the UK where the company's generator equipment and services can be found, further adding to our nationwide coverage.

Important changes in the company's strategy have been implemented at Alconbury (Cambridgeshire) starting with the new centralised service desk which allows enquiries to be better organised, monitored closely and dealt with in an efficient manner. PE Generators aim to improve the speed that phones are answered whilst ensuring every customers needs are attended to, whether it is for the rental of generators or the sale of generators. The enquiries process is a much quicker, straight forward and less time consuming experience for customers. There are several more notable changes due to the new size and layout: more storage space for lorries; increased capacity for storing parts; all departments work in close proximity to each other and there is a more spacious workspace.

Craig Hawtin, General Sales Manager, expressed his delight over the new premises, "the new premises has further boosted everyone's morale, provides an ideal platform to grow our business and aids communication channels through a more centralised facility."

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