PE Generators

PE Generators Power Ahead with Fleet Additions

19 February 2012


PE Generators have continued their ongoing investment program with the addition of a further 2 Megawatt Super Silenced generators

These 1250kva prime powered Cummins machines complement PEs' hire fleet with key design benefits;

Compact 20ft ISO bunded container build

Synchronous alternator for grid connection, synch, peak lopping, load sharing, multi mega watt packages

Energy efficient engine build with exhaust fume exit system

These additions take PE Generators new build investment to £1.9 million so far this year, with 124MW of power in the rental fleet.

A enhanced enviro build program is in place using engines with the latest reduced emissions management systems. PE Generators hold a niche generator rental market position as they have full control over the design and manufacture of their fleet using in house manufacturing plant at Stamford.





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