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PE Generators have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We provide solutions and provide a complete service and support package, beginning with initial assessment of customer power generation needs, then implementing the solution (whether it's a solution to a normal specification or is more complex and in need of a bespoke design created by our engineers). Finally we offer customers Technical back up support/ maintenance and round the clock service with our 24 hour manned helpdesk and central ordering line.


Unique solutions Team:

  • Sales Support Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Mechanical and Electrical Design Engineers

Service Range

Specialising in temporary power services, PE Generators has a wide range of varied services to meet your needs:

  • State of the art technology
  • Remote monitoring
  • Experience in standby, no break changeovers, exporting and peak lopping packages
  • All in accordance with BS767I/G.59/BS.EN60439/w and BS7430
  • Environmental Management Contingency Planning
  • Ensure uninterrupted power and no down time
  • Off road gaitor 4x4 fuel deliveries
  • Bio-fuel available
  • Planned and emergency response deliveries 24/7
  • Single invoicing for fuel and hire available reducing administration costs
  • Reduce the risk of contaminated fuel from 3rd party suppliers

PE Generators offers a wide range of services to meet customer requirements. We provide a dedicated one to one contact for every hire which means customer satisfaction is always high

All our equipment is modern as it is renewed on a rolling basis and regularly serviced as part of hire, meaning higher efficiency for the customer, less breakdowns and environmentally friendly.

  • Telephone service advice available 24/7
  • 24/7 delivery service available
  • Emergency delivery service available for disaster recovery, maximum delivery response times can also be set in your contract with PE Generators
  • Maximum 4 hour attendance call out 24/7
  • Electrical Installation; to 17th Edition BS7671
  • Site Cabins, full site temporary electrical works and standby generator connections. Providing an in house and cost effective way of getting sites powered up; no loss of control via sub contracting work out
  • User friendly- no need for an instruction manual

Event Services

PE Generators has a wealth of experience providing temporary power to various events and exhibitions. Organising large events, both indoor and outdoor can be a complex logistical challenge and PE Generators can provide event organisers with expert advice and consultation to ensure the final solution is designed to meet with event requirements.



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