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Health & Safety Commitment

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Modern Slavery Act

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Turner Group Tax Strategy

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Corporate Sustainability

  • The Turner Group is a family owned and controlled Group of Companies established in 1912, employing over 1100 people worldwide.  Our activities span distribution, manufacturing, support services and asset rental.
  • A key component of the Turner Group mission is to 'conduct our business operations in a sustainable manner'.
  • In practice, this means that the Turner Group will seek to manage its business operations in a way which delivers financial growth, nurtures our employees, minimises our impact on the environment and supports local communities.  To ensure that this happens at all levels of the organisation, the Turner Group has established a set of key corporate sustainability principles and goals covering the three pillars of economic, environmental and social sustainability.


Our Community

Supporting the local community is very important to the Turner Group of companies and we strive hard to be good corporate citizens at all times, in our many site locations throughout the UK and overseas.


The Environment

We recognise the importance of environmental sustainability and our various business operations have systems in place, to accurately measure key business practices that contribute, long term, to the quality of environment.

We will comply with relevant environmental legislation at all times, ensuring that we don't make any unauthorised emissions in to the environment (including air, water and land).

In defining our key environmental sustainability targets we will actively seek to reduce the following:

  • greenhouse gas emissions from our direct operations
  • our consumption of natural resources
  • the amount of waste we send to landfill

We have recently taken the pledge as PE Generators jointly with our employees  to ‘Say no to plastic pollution’.  We have made internal changes such as stopped using/supplying single use plastic cups and have replaced these with FSC single use paper cups for all our water machines.  Encouraging our staff to think about their plastic use.

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Sustainability Report

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