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The Calcutta Club

Project: Emergency generator power supply

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  • 14-May-2010

Generator Rental Case Study


The Calcutta Club is a leading Indian Soul Bar & Restaurant in Cambridge.
On 14th May 2010 the restaurants’ mains transformer developed a severe fault at 11am; the fault would take 2 weeks to repair. The restaurant was due to open again for busy Friday evening trading at 7.30pm.


To be open for the evenings trading and the restaurant is located in the historic city of Cambridge where access is restricted.


Upon receiving a call from the owner Ibrahim Maya, PE generators established that a sales engineer should attend the site to assess requirements and access.
Following this, PE deployed a smaller 7.5tonne hiab lorry from their fleet to meet the tight access requirements and also sent an in house electrician to connect and test.

Client Benefits

The restaurant opened on time for trade and business carried on as usual. PE supplied a full turnkey package; including ongoing fuel management service and a super silenced generator running in a residential area.

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